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Collections Online

Online Collections at the Humboldt Forum

Collections Online presents all the objects and collections on display at the Humboldt Forum, in digital form. Experience the "History of the Site", and the "After Nature", "BERLIN GLOBAL" and the temporary exhibitions.

Our digital presentation of the collections will be continuously extended and updated to keep in step with the gradual opening of the building. Exhibitions from the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin displaying collections from the Ethnologisches Museum and the Museum für Asiatische Kunst, as well as from the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, the Stiftung Stadtmuseum Berlin and Kulturprojekte Berlin will in future be available to view online.

There will not only be individual objects available; thematically structured object catalogues offer the opportunity to research a large stock of objects related to art history, cultural history, and ethnological and natural history. You can explore the historical context of objects across the collections, and there will always be something new to learn, as the illustrations and descriptions will be continually updated. New functions and filter options will continuously enhance the user experience to make it easier to search for and find information before, during and after a visit to the Humboldt Forum.

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Enter a search term in the search field. You can search for objects, people, places, cultures or other things. 

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Permanent Exhibition

Permanent Exhibition 1/5

History of the Site

View all 149 objects
Permanent Exhibition 2/5


View all 124 objects
Permanent Exhibition 3/5

After Nature

View all 75 objects
Permanent Exhibition 4/5

Ethnologisches Museum

View all 4482 objects
Permanent Exhibition 5/5

Museum für Asiatische Kunst

View all 1864 objects
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Temporary Exhibitions

Ausstellungsbereich 1/3

The Revolutionary Public 1848

View all 29 objects
Temporary Exhibition 2/3

Naga Land - Voices from Northeast India

View all 139 objects
Temporary Exhibition 3/3

Against the Current. The Omaha, Francis La Flesche, and His Collection

View all 56 objects
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