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Matchbox case with portrait of Karl Liebknecht

  • Schachtel
  • Unbekannt (Hersteller)
  • um 1910

Revolutionary smoking accessories

Karl Liebknecht was a heavy smoker. While imprisoned at the Luckau penitentiary for protesting the First World War, he regularly had his wife Sophie send tobacco. A mason from West Berlin donated this cigarette case in 1953 to the Märkisches Museum in East Berlin. Did it really belong to Karl Liebknecht? Given the finely worked "KL" monogram, it is certainly more than a souvenir item like the tin matchbox.

Detailed information

Object type
Involved Persons/Corporate Bodies
Unbekannt (Hersteller)
Period Produced
um 1910
Exhibition Format
Weißblech (Eisen); Messingring; Fotografie; blaues Glas, geprägt und montiert
geprägt; montiert
0,8 x 5,3 x 6,2 cm; geöffnet Höhe: 6 cm
SSB Smoking Utensils
Exhibition Location
Exhibition & Module
H01 Highlights / SSB01 BERLIN GLOBAL / SSB01 03 Revolution
Persons / Corporate bodies
Liebknecht; Karl
Owner/Managing Institution
Stiftung Stadtmuseum Berlin
Inventory Number
II 72/806 D
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