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Tondo mit dem Bildnis von Romulus als erster König Roms, Hofportal V, Schlüterhof

  • Skulptur
  • Andreas Schlüter; Werkstatt
  • Entstehungsort: Berlin (Stadt)
  • um 1702

Truly ancient

The reliefs show Romulus and Numa, who according to legend were the first kings of Rome. The sculptors modelled their design on two tiny coins from ancient Rome. These came from the King's famous collection of ancient coins in the Berlin Palace. They were commissioned over two thousand years ago in the classical period by two politicians who wanted to associate themselves with mythical images of the founding fathers of Rome. The facade reliefs performed a similar role, linking the Prussian king, who was regarded as something of an upstart by European rulers, with Rome's illustrious past.

Detailed information

Object type
Involved Persons/Corporate Bodies
Andreas Schlüter; Werkstatt
Period Produced
um 1702
Exhibition Format
Sandstein; gelbe Fassungsreste; Theresiengelb?
89 x 89 x 20 cm
149 kg
Places / Cultures
Entstehungsort: Berlin (Stadt)
Exhibition Location
EG.077.01.P6 Wand Süd
Exhibition & Module
DA03 Sculpture Hall / DA04 01 Video Panorama / DA03 EG077.01P6 Sculpture Hall - South Wall - above Doors / DA04 01 05 Royal Palace 1698-1843 / DA04 01 07 Parade Ground 1950-1973
Owner/Managing Institution
Stiftung Stadtmuseum Berlin
Stiftung Stadtmuseum Berlin
Inventory Number
I 51,39
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