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Woman with tattooed chest (translation of original title)

  • digital image
  • Hans Eberhard Kauffmann
  • Phom-Naga (ethnic group); Mirinokpo, Nagaland (region); India (Land)
  • Jan./Feb. 1937

Detailed information

Object type
digital image
Involved Persons/Corporate Bodies
Hans Eberhard Kauffmann
Period Produced
Jan./Feb. 1937
Exhibition Format
Places / Cultures
Phom-Naga (ethnic group); Mirinokpo, Nagaland (region); India (Land)
Exhibition Location
V18 (PN) Installation
Exhibition & Module
A07 (WAF 55) Naga Land - Voices from Northeast India / A07 (WAF 55) 10 Portraying the Naga
Persons / Corporate bodies
Kauffmann, Hans-Eberhard
Owner/Managing Institution
Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, Universitätsarchiv
Institut für Ethnologie, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
Inventory Number
HEK 0932_24_39 (Kauff 24 39)
Acquisition context
Photographer's private collection
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