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Transparent "Internationale Studentenkooperation"

  • Transparent
  • Unbekannt (Hersteller)
  • Berlin (Stadt)
  • 17.11.1989

Firebrand and chameleon

On 4 November 1989, on Alexanderplatz in Berlin, oppositional groups and artists organised the biggest rally against the system in the GDR's history. Their banners showed images like the firebrand with blazing black, red, and gold hair, and the chameleon - a warning against changing sides like this creature changes colour.

On that day, thousands stood up for freedom of expression, the press, assembly, and foreign travel. More demonstrations followed. This wall shows banners from November and December 1989.

Detailed information

Object type
Involved Persons/Corporate Bodies
Unbekannt (Hersteller)
Period Produced
Exhibition Format
Weiße Regeneratzellulose in Leinwandbindung, gelbe, rote, schwarze Farbe, bemalt
Textil Techniken
140 x 206 cm (Stoffbahn)
Places / Cultures
Berlin (Stadt)
SSB Fashion Collection, SSB Textiles
Exhibition Location
Exhibition & Module
SSB01 BERLIN GLOBAL / SSB01 03 Revolution / SSB01 03 1989
Owner/Managing Institution
Stiftung Stadtmuseum Berlin
Inventory Number
SM 2017-91972,9
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