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Festivals and politics: Hans Hahne ending his speech at the Queste Festival

  • Object
  • Questenberg (Ort)
  • 1933 (date of exposure); ca. 1995 (date of print)

Hans Hahne had been a member of the Nazi Party since the 1920s. He propagated a nationalistic völkisch direction of folklore studies: as the »study of folkhood«, it was intended to provide proof of the continuity of »Nordic blood heritage«. He developed the Regional Office for Prehistory in Halle into a »place for cultivating German tradition and customs«. Hahne also had an impact in the sense of a völkisch renewal of German customs extending into the region. Amongst other activities, he spoke as a Patron at the Queste Festival, using it as a platform to disseminate his views. He construed the Queste Festival as a prehistoric »worship of the sun«. He regarded the Queste, a green wreath set on an oak trunk, as a »memorial« for »the eternal youth of the German soul«.

Detailed information

HU Hahne-Niehoff Archive
Object type
Original title
Fotoabzug von Kleinbildfilm „Questenberg – 1933“
Place of origin
Questenberg (Ort)
1933 (date of exposure); ca. 1995 (date of print)
Inventory number
IfEE-HNN:Abzug 03/057-37
Persons / Corporate bodies
Hahne, Hans
13 x 18 cm
Silver gelatin paper
Exhibition Format
Rights statement
Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Institut für Europäische Ethnologie, Hahne-Niehoff-Archiv
Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
Exhibition & Module
HU01 After Nature / HU01 02 Main Hall - Modern Cabinet of Curiosities / HU01 02 04 Three Archives in Reciprocal View