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The folkloristic view of agricultural work

  • Object
  • Naundorf, bei Löbejün (Ort)
  • Before 1945 (date of exposure); ca. 1995 (date of print)

The Hahne Niehoff Archive includes a few photographies with agricultural motifs. They bear witness to the folkloristic focus on rural life: agricultural work was almost exclusively documented in relation to supposedly ancient farming customs and depicted as a traditional country idyll. Social inequality, poverty or child labour in rural areas were neglected, as was the incipient mechanisation of agriculture. Despite this, new types of work processes and equipment can also be found in these photographs. Today, these human-environment relationships have, in turn, long since become historical in nature. In addition, incidentally recorded electricity pylons and cars document the technical change in the countryside.

Detailed information

HU Hahne-Niehoff Archive
Object type
Original title
Fotoabzug von Kleinbildfilm "Naundorf, bei Löbejün"
Place of origin
Naundorf, bei Löbejün (Ort)
Before 1945 (date of exposure); ca. 1995 (date of print)
Inventory number
IfEE-HNN: Abzüge 05/077-12
13 x 18 cm
Silver gelatin paper
Exhibition Format
Rights statement
Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Institut für Europäische Ethnologie, Hahne-Niehoff-Archiv
Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
Exhibition & Module
HU01 After Nature / HU01 02 Main Hall - Modern Cabinet of Curiosities / HU01 02 04 Three Archives in Reciprocal View